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Garden Mediums Pty Limited trading as Go Grow, based at 60 Teven Road Ballina was established in 1981 and is a manufacturer of high quality potting mixes, organic horticultural and landscape products.

GO GROW is approved as an ACCREDITED NURSERY & POTTING MIX SUPPLIER under the NIASA Best Practice Guidelines – we were in fact the FIRST accredited potting mix manufacturer in NSW. We also hold Australia Standards licence number 1793 as a manufacturer of potting mixes to Australian Standard 3743 for both premium and standard grades.
Accreditation of nurseries and allied businesses under the Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia (NIASA) aims to raise the level of professionalism, quality control and buyer confidence within the nursery industry.

We are totally focussed on improving the quality of our products and service to growers. That is in line with our mission statement…”to be environmentally conscious supplier of the highest quality potting mixes, fertilizers and garden products and services to the agricultural, horticultural and home garden users”.
Our total quality management doesn’t simply stop at accreditation; our objective is to continually improve our systems, procedures and products. We want to be able to work with growers so they can achieve the best possible results.

“GO GROW growing AUSTRALIA, natures way”.

Go Grow is a dynamic company with a very professional approach to our business of making prescription-potting mix.


The shareholders are old friends from a variety of professional backgrounds who relocated from country NSW to Sydney many years ago but are now mostly relocated back to “the Country”.



The company has exclusive contracts with major North Coast Timber Mills to take all their pine bark, which when processed and graded is one of the main components of most potting mixes.


Quality is never assumed and much testing is integrated into our processes that ensures the final product is the best available.


Our Staff

We have an excellent team of staff most of whom have been with the company for many years and have great knowledge of the industry. The company has a staff performance and incentive scheme and is conscious of updating staff on latest information on products and mixes. Horticultural specialists regularly brief them. The company realises that the knowledge and dedication of our staff is essential in producing the consistent excellent product required by our customers.



Go Grow is strategically located on Teven Road, West Ballina on our own property, central to one of the best growing regions in Australia and supplies potting mix to customers from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney.



We have significant equipment holdings which includes two large Komatsu Loaders and two smaller loaders, forklift, trommel, large purpose built Hammer Mill, mobile power screener two C-Mac Mixing machines, delivery truck and bagging plant.



Most of the smaller local deliveries are done using our own vehicle with larger, interstate and long haul deliveries handled by our reliable contract carriers.



Our Sales team undertakes regular visits to our customers as well as seeking and assisting potential new customers.


Industry Support

A Go Grow Newsletter is produced each month with relevant information and advice and is posted out to the nursery industry. We also include information about our strategic partners and their products.


Go Grow is a strong participant in the nursery industry – our philosophy is “if we can help grow our customers business then our business will grow too”. There are many nurseries large and small that will provide testimonials to the great product and service supplied by go Grow such as:

Alpine Nursery, Prestige Plants, Growing Grounds, Combined Nursery, Maromac Nursery, Teven Valley Plants and many more.


Go Grow is proud to be wholly Australia owned by local people who hold a long term vision. We seek long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers to supply the needs of the nursery, landscape and horticultural industries.


The company is conservatively funded with the capacity to easily cope with expansion.


We have our yard well organised with bulk components all natural with absolutely no pollutants. The composting material is kept in the one area and continually turned, tested and monitored.


Our strategic partners include:

Fertilizer Companies

Milling Companies

Transport Companies



Potting Mix

Go Grow has a wide range of specially formulated potting mixes for most plant varieties.

We do offer a free consulting service to growers and will formulate potting mixes especially for each nursery based on their individual requirements and nursery conditions.



We carry a full range of potting mix components such as:

Composted Pine Bark Fines graded in 0 – 5mm, 0 – 10mm, 11 – 15mm

COIR Products such as Cocopeat, Cocochip

Peat Moss


Sand (Coarse & Fine)

Washed Basalt Crusher Dust 2 – 5mm


Plus most fertilizers and additives.


Go Grow is licensed by NASAA as a Certified Organic manufacturer of Premium potting Mixes (Licence Nbr 2588M)

Fertilizers & Additives

Go Grow is a distributor for Garden City Plastic pots and other horticultural products


Landscape Bark & Mulches

We also sell a range of graded raw pine bark as landscape and mulch – as well as other mulches.


Contract Bagging & Bagged product

Bagging Plant – We produce our own range of bagged products, including Premium & Standard bagged mix to Australia Standards, Orchid mix and Seed raising mix.

Mostly our bagged product is sold to local markets.


Contract Bagging – We have capacity to do contract bagging at our site in Ballina.



Our main markets are wholesale nurseries between the Sunshine Coast and Sydney.

Retail Nurseries

Landscape Contractors

Agricultural Operations

Home Gardner


Quality Assurance

All our products are regularly tested and monitored and our quality & procedures audited regularly by:

  • Nursery & Garden Industry NSW & ACT.
  • SAI Global.
  • EPA

We regularly send samples for testing to either:

  • Sydney Environmental & Soil Laboratory in Sydney
  • SCU - Environmental Analysis Laboratory
We only use Standards Approved testing laboratories and also have our own laboratory on site at our Teven Road facility.


The site is EPA approved with a catchment dam and water recycling system.



There are three buildings on our site

The Main Office & Warehouse facility – All equipment is housed in this facility at night.

The mixing shed – Houses the mixing machines and some fertilizers & additives

The Filter and Pump shed



Nursery & Garden Industry NSW & ACT

Nursery & Garden Industry QLD

Nursery & Garden Industry Northern Rivers

National Association for Sustainable Agriculture of Australia

Australian Organic

Allied Nursery Trades Group

Australian Organic Recycling Association

Australian Business Limited

Ballina Chamber of Commerce & Industry


Contact Us

Managing Director – Bruce Beesley

Located at 60 Teven Road Ballina NSW 2478

Phone:  61 2 6686 4674  Fax: 61 2 6686 4611

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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